About Me

This blog is a collection of housewifery foolishness I made for myself and daughters.

Work Experience:

I started my adult life as a happy homemaker.  I loved this job and my little brood of children. When I was almost 30 my husband fell ill and I had to stop nesting and find work.  I was ill prepared for this change of plans.

The universe offered tattooing and I gratefully accepted.  I spent most of the last 20 years as a Minister for UBU Ministries, specializing the application of religious tattoos.  This part of my journey is bound to become a memoir all on it's own.

I am on a leave of absence for health reasons. I have several autoimmune diseases which were brought on by being a vegan for 25 years. I have a post about why I am no longer a vegan here on this blog. I plan on writing a book about this topic too.

My Education:

After a year of studying Computer Aided Design, I served an one-on-one Art Apprenticeship with Dan Brown of Beverly Hills California.

I love to read and research. I am self-educated in comparative religion, health & diet, psychology, sociology and political science.

My Personal Life:

I'm the eldest of 8 children in a large Mormon family.

At one point of my life I was part of a Polygamist Mormon Cult. This was a very painful and yet enlightening part of my journey of which one day I hope to devote another book.

I am no longer a Mormon. I am Universalist/Secular Humanist. I will be including some posts about my beliefs here.

I have lived in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Michigan, New Mexico, California, Texas, Utah, Oregon, Arizona. Sometimes more than once and not necessarily in that order. I consider Michigan my home state.

I now live in a trailer park in the Detroit Metro Area. Trailer park living is an interesting topic all on it's own. Too colorful not to mention, I hope you'll enjoy my observations.

I've been married twice, once to an abusive sociopath. Someday I hope to have the courage to tell that tale.

I've been happily married to my current husband, a preacher, author and talented musician for almost 30 years. Together we raised our joint family of 6 children, one son and 5 daughters.

We now have 12 sweet grandchildren.

Ma Vie Folle!


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